Replacement of Well-known Brand Draw-wire Mechanism

The BSL-MA series is an industrial-grade wire-drawing device that can replace SICK, FSG, TWK and other well-known brand products. Since the length of the encoder shaft manufactured by various manufacturers is different (most of them are synchronous flanges, 6mm diameter, 10mm length), and because the coupling of the encoder shaft and the draw-wire mechanism is very compact, if the shaft is too long, it will not Tightly assembled. In response to this situation, we opened a hole at the center of the shaft of the draw-wire mechanism, which is well compatible with the different shaft lengths of the encoder.

Although, we hope that customers can purchase our encoders and draw-wire mechanism at the same time, so that we will assemble them together before leaving the factory. But we are also willing to provide customers with one more choice, and recorded the encoder assembly video to provide customers with necessary guidance.


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