Rotary Encoders

Rotary encoder is a sensor used to measure the rotation angle, position and rotation speed of equipment. CALT SENSOR can provide absolute encoders, incremental encoders and Hall angle sensors. Absolute encoder adopts European standard flange interface, including shaft type and sleeve type. Electrical interfaces are divided into parallel ports, serial ports, and other types. Support analog output, SSI, RS485, Modbus RTU, Profibus-DP, CANopen, etc. The optical resolution can reach up to 21 bits, and the maximum number of turns of the multi-turn encoder can reach 8192 turns. Incremental rotary encoder, exquisite structure, stable performance. Products are widely used in many fields such as automobiles, metallurgy, electric motors, elevators, hoisting machinery, packaging machinery, CNC machine tools, wind power generation, rail transit and so on.


Rotary Encoder Overview

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