Manual Pulse Generators

Manual Pulse Generator, also known as electronic hand wheel, hand arterial wave generator, hand pulse, hand wheel, handheld box, handheld unit, etc. It is used for the setting of the teaching CNC machine work origin in the numerical control machine tool, the manual stepping fine adjustment, the interruption insertion in the processing and other actions. The band switch is used to select the axis and magnification, and the pulse generator is used to send out pulses to facilitate the collection of the system. Electronic handwheels are classified according to different types of power supply voltage, resolution, and signal output, thus forming a handheld unit suitable for various CNC control systems.

Manual Pulse Generator, the shell is made of high-strength materials, impact resistance, shielded braided network signal transmission line is anti-interference, wear-resistant and oil-resistant. The encoder adopts a non-contact optical detection structure, and the accuracy remains unchanged after millions of times of use. A magnet is attached to the back, and it is equipped with a hook for easy installation. Suitable for CNC numerical control system machine tools and automation equipment, compatible with a variety of brand numerical control systems, suitable for Germany SIEMENS, Japan MITSUBISHI, FANUC, Spain FAGOR, France NUM, HEIDENHAIN, China Taiwan LNC, SYNTEC, KND, GSK, SKY, WASHING , HNC, DASEN, CASNUC, GREAT and other domestic and foreign numerical control systems as well as various controllers such as PC-BASE.


Manual Pulse Generator Overview

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