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We provide competitive sensors and solutions to customers. Help customers realize automatic control, measurement, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and create higher value. In order to be closer to customers,we can provide both standard and customized sensors and solutions, and also provide additional services such as calibration, training, technical support, and software development.
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Rotary Encoders

Including incremental encoders, absolute encoders and angular position sensors, various structures, outputs, and connectors can be customized.

Displacement Sensors

Draw Wire Encoders, String Potentiometers, String Pot, Linear Potentiometers, you can choose or customize according to the application.

Load Cells

With various structures, different ranges and sizes of load cells, no matter which industry you are, we can provide available products and high-quality solutions.

Torque Sensors

Reaction Torque Sensors, Rotary Torque Sensors and Force Measuring System can help you achieve more intelligent measurement and control.

Weather Sensors

Weather station composed of wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, atmospheric temperature humidity sensor, rain sensor, etc. Especially useful in agricultural production.

Featured Sensors

Customize Your Own Sensors By CALT

Focusing on sensors and measurement fields for more than ten years, we can provide a variety of competitive sensors and solutions for customers. Especially in the measurement of position, angle, force and torque. Our main advantage is to carry out differentiated customization according to the individual needs of customers, including but not limited to dimensions, flanges, circuits, precision, software, etc. Flexible plan, fast delivery, even small quantity, also can be customized. Learn more

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Technical Knowledge Center

How to apply ES38 NPN output rotary encoder to MCU

The ES38 series rotary encoder produced by CALT sensor has a variety of outputs to choose from: NPN (8-24V power supply), PNP (8-24V power supply), Voltage (5V power supply) . Usually we recommend that customers purchase voltage output encoders directly if they are used in single-chip microcomputers, but what if you accidentally purchase the wrong output? Don’t worry, you can easily convert NPN output (8-24V power supply) into NPN (5V power supply) with just two steps. Disassemble the encoder shell Connect the red wire to a pin of component 78M05 Finally it becomes a 5V NPN output encoder , and

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What is a turret encoder

Turret encoder is the absolute encoder expressly designed for integration in tool turret systems of CNC lathes. It has been optimized both mechanically and electronically to suit the position feedback requirements in the indexing operations of the fastest tool turrets. CALT sensor turret encoders are mainly used in CNC machine tool and are key parts of CNC lathes. It can feed back the working position of the lathe tool post to the CNC system to realize the automatic switching of the lathe tool post. The tool post encoder can output 6, 8, 12 stations for customers to choose.   Features:

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Cross information of ITD 20A 4Y129400HBXK1.7E and GHH58 encoder

We are a professional encoder supplier, with more than ten years of experience in the industry, and have a good reputation. We have a professional team and mature products, which can replace some well-known brand encoders, such as Telham’s encoder — ITD 20A 4Y 129 400 HBXK1.7E, because manufacturers no longer produce this model one after another, it may be difficult for you to buy what you want, but don’t worry, our CALT GHH58-14G400BMK526 can meet your needs. The main parameters of ITD 20A 4Y 129 400 HBXK1.7E: 58mm outer diameter, 14mm full through hole, 400PPR, A A/ B B/

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What is a manual pulse generator

Manual pulse generator (also called electronic hand wheel, hand arterial wave generator, handheld box, handheld unit, MPG etc.) is an optical rotary encoder designed for manual pulse input of CNC machine tools. It is mainly used for the setting of the teaching CNC machine work origin in the CNC machine tool, the manual stepping fine-tuning, the interruption insertion in the processing and other actions. The band switch is used to select the axis and magnification, and the encoder is used to send out pulses to facilitate the collection of the system. According to different types of supply voltage, resolution and

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The alternative to Baumer BHG series encoders | CALTSENSOR

Baumer encoders as the top 10 famous brand encoder, it has very good performance in many machines controlling. Many machine suppliers like to use the Baumer encoder in their devices. But generally it needs a long lead time and very high cost when you need a new original Baumer encoder to replace the old one or as spare parts. It troubles very much to the final users. One of our client also met same problem before. They need a new Baumer BHG 16.05A100-E2-5 to replace the old one to let their production machine running again. But it needs about 2-3

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What parameters should be paid attention to in the selection of load cells

One classification of load cell: According to the working principle of the load cell, it can be divided into the following methods: (1) Resistance strain type. Differential transformer type. Capacitive type. Piezomagnetic type. Piezoelectric type. Vibrating wire type. (2) According to the force, it can be divided into normal stress type and shear stress type. (3) According to its structure, it can be divided into S type load cell. Single point sensor, cantilever beam sensor. Bridge type load cell. Disc type Load cell, column type load cell, pressure load cell, spoke type load cell, etc. (4) Depending on the material

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