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We provide competitive sensors and solutions to customers. Help customers realize automatic control, measurement, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and create higher value. In order to be closer to customers,we can provide both standard and customized sensors and solutions, and also provide additional services such as calibration, training, technical support, and software development.
If you are interested, you can fill out the contact form or contact us directly. It is easy to find my phone number and email address on the web page. We are happy to choose the most suitable sensor and solution for you.

Rotary Encoders

Including incremental encoders, absolute encoders and angular position sensors, various structures, outputs, and connectors can be customized.

Displacement Sensors

Draw Wire Encoders, String Potentiometers, String Pot, Linear Potentiometers, you can choose or customize according to the application.

Load Cells

With various structures, different ranges and sizes of load cells, no matter which industry you are, we can provide available products and high-quality solutions.

Torque Sensors

Reaction Torque Sensors, Rotary Torque Sensors and Force Measuring System can help you achieve more intelligent measurement and control.

Weather Sensors

Weather station composed of wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, atmospheric temperature humidity sensor, rain sensor, etc. Especially useful in agricultural production.

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Customize Your Own Sensors By CALT

Focusing on sensors and measurement fields for more than ten years, we can provide a variety of competitive sensors and solutions for customers. Especially in the measurement of position, angle, force and torque. Our main advantage is to carry out differentiated customization according to the individual needs of customers, including but not limited to dimensions, flanges, circuits, precision, software, etc. Flexible plan, fast delivery, even small quantity, also can be customized. Learn more

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