RS485 Rotary Encoders

RS485 encoder is the general term for encoders that output signals through the RS485 communication interface. The RS485 protocol is a standard that defines the electrical characteristics of the driver and receiver in a balanced digital multipoint system. The standard is defined by the Telecommunications Industry Association and the Electronics Industry Alliance. Digital communication networks using this standard can effectively transmit signals under long-distance conditions and in environments with high electronic noise. RS485 makes it possible to connect to the local network and the configuration of multi-branch communication links. The electrical interface with RS485 protocol can be connected to PLC for intelligent control.
CALTSENSOR can provide encoders with RS485 custom communication protocol and internationally accepted Modbus RTU communication protocol, including single-turn absolute and multi-turn absolute values. Of course, the communication format can also be re-customized according to customer requirements. We have many successful cases.

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