Coupling is used to firmly connect the driving shaft and the driven shaft in different mechanisms to rotate together and transmit motion and torque. Sometimes it is also used to connect shafts and other parts (such as gears, pulleys, etc.). It is often composed of two halves, which are connected by a key or tight fit, respectively, and fastened to the ends of the two shafts, and then the two halves are connected in some way. The coupling can also compensate for the deviation between the two shafts due to inaccurate manufacturing and installation, deformation or thermal expansion during work, etc. (including axial deviation, radial deviation, angular deviation or comprehensive deviation) ; And alleviate impact and absorb vibration.

Couplings can be divided into two categories: flexible couplings and rigid couplings. Flexible couplings include plastic couplings, plum blossom couplings, diaphragm couplings, parallel line couplings, bellows couplings, spring couplings, etc.

Couplings Overview

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