RS422 Absolute Encoders

The RS-422 four-wire interface adopts separate sending and receiving channels, so there is no need to control the data direction. Any necessary signal exchange between the devices can be done in software (XON/XOFF handshake) or hardware (a pair of separate dual Stranded wire). The maximum transmission distance of RS-422 is 4000 feet (about 1219 meters), and the maximum transmission rate is 10Mb/s. The length of the balanced twisted pair is inversely proportional to the transmission rate, and the maximum transmission distance is only possible when the rate is below 100kb/s. Only in a short distance can the highest rate of transmission be obtained. Generally, the maximum transmission rate that can be obtained on a 100-meter-long twisted pair cable is only 1Mb/s.
RS-422 requires a terminating resistor, and its resistance is required to be approximately equal to the characteristic impedance of the transmission cable. In short-distance transmission, termination resistors are not required, that is, no termination resistors are generally required below 300 meters. The terminating resistor is connected to the far end of the transmission cable.

CALTSENSOR provides absolute encoders supporting RS422 interface, including single-turn and multi-turn encoders. Compared with the RS485 encoder, the RS422 encoder has a higher communication rate. For example, in the artillery system, the RS422 encoder is the preferred product. We can also customize the communication protocol format according to customer requirements.

RS422 Absolute Encoder Overview

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