Why do we need a junction box for parallel weighing of multiple load cells?

Some users mentioned: Three load cells are used in parallel. In the past, three sensor wires were used in parallel. Now the sensor bought by the factory also comes with a junction box. What is the function of this junction box and how to wire it? Doesn’t it work?

The device using 3 sensors should reflect a vessel such as a kettle. The main function of the junction box is to summarize the signal and adjust the angle difference. If the junction box is not used, the signal can be received normally, but as a multi-sensor system, each sensor There may be some differences in the output, coupled with the environmental factors in the field use and the limitation of installation methods, it will bring imbalance problems to the parallel group scale of multiple sensors. In order to solve the above problems, a junction box must be selected to adjust the ratio of the sensor coefficient and the sensor output impedance (mV/V/Ω) to be close to the same, so as to ensure the balance of the entire scale.

Adjust the level of the mechanical table. For sensors with more than four, due to various reasons, the mechanical table and foundation are more or less deformed. The longer the use time, the more serious the deformation will cause the sensor to receive inconsistent forces. Only the potentiometer The compensation cannot be compensated, so you should adjust the height of the sensor first, within the range of the difference (20-40) kg, and then use the potentiometer to compensate to basically the same. This is an iterative process. Deformation, adjusting one angle may affect two or even three angles, only by trial and error.

In fact, the junction box is a plus sign. For example, the junction box is connected to four load cells. When the MV of the first sensor is 2.3mv, when the MV of the second sensor is 3.3mv, when the MV of the third sensor is 2.9mv , When the MV of the fourth sensor is 1.9mv, then the MV number of the instrument is 2.3+3.3+2.9+1.9=7.5MV, and you can change the MV number by adjusting the fine-tuning switch of each channel. Our CALTSENSOR have the junction boxes which can connecting 4pcs(DY-JXH-S4) or 6pcs (DY-JXH-S6) load cells model, and support OEM design for the housing of the junction box, Aluminum, stainless steel or plastic material.


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