What is spring wire? And its application

Spring wire cable, also known as slingshot wire and spiral wire, is a device connection wire that uses scalability to work.


It is generally made of TPU cable. The power connection used to control the movement of movable equipment can rebound quickly in a short time and is widely used in movable equipment such as automobiles, machines, and meters. According to the direction, there are mainly left-direction coil springs and right-direction coil springs.

Divided by material: mainly TPU spring wire, PVC spring wire; TPU spring wire has special effects such as flame retardant, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, UV resistance, abrasion resistance, and hydrolysis resistance. PU material is the preferred material for spring wire. It has been used more and more widely.


① TPU/PVC sheathed (shielded) spring wire for control system: used in CNC machine tools, production lines, logistics systems, robots, etc.;

②TPU/PVC sheathed (shielded) spring wire for power system: used in processing equipment, cranes, production lines, etc.;

③TPU/PVC sheathed (shielded) spring wire for data/bus transmission: used in CNC machine tools, production lines, logistics systems, robots, etc.


CALT sensor has a large supply of 12 15 16 17 18 19 21 26-core CNC MPG spring spiral wire.


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