What is a tension sensor?

The tension sensor is an instrument used to measure the tension value of the coil during the tension control process. The tension sensor is suitable for the tension measurement of various optical fibers, yarns, chemical fibers, etc.; it is widely used in the fields of electronics, chemicals, textiles, papermaking, machinery and industrial automation.

working principle:

①For pharmaceuticals, the strain gauge type is that the tension strain gauge and the compression strain gauge are connected together according to the bridge method, when the resistance value of the strain gauge is also changed when subjected to external pressure, the value of the change will be proportional to the tension. size.

②The micro-displacement type is to apply a load by an external force to cause the leaf spring to displace, and then the tension is detected by a differential transformer. Since the displacement of the leaf spring is extremely small, about ±200μm, it is called a micro-displacement type tension detector.

In addition, it is further divided into: shaft type, shaft type, cantilever type, etc. from the appearance and structure.


CALTsensor DYZHL tension sensor



High precision, low drift, high stability and easy installation.

Suitable for tension measurement of various optical fibers, yarns, chemical fibers, wires, wires, cables, tapes, and steel strips.

Measuring range 0-500N

Widely used in electronics, chemical, textile, paper, machinery and other fields


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