What is a manual pulse generator

Manual pulse generator (also called electronic hand wheel, hand arterial wave generator, handheld box, handheld unit, MPG etc.) is an optical rotary encoder designed for manual pulse input of CNC machine tools.

It is mainly used for the setting of the teaching CNC machine work origin in the CNC machine tool, the manual stepping fine-tuning, the interruption insertion in the processing and other actions. The band switch is used to select the axis and magnification, and the encoder is used to send out pulses to facilitate the collection of the system. According to different types of supply voltage, resolution and signal output, it forms a handheld unit suitable for various CNC control systems.

   CALT SENOSR TM1474 series manual pulse generator shell is made of high-strength materials, impact resistance, anti-interference, abrasion resistance and oil resistance. It can be applied to CNC machine tools and automation systems, and is compatible with a variety of CNC systems. For example, Siemens, Mitsubishi, FANUC, FAGOR, NUM, Heidenhain, LNC, New Generation, KND, GSK, SKY, etc.

   Used for zero correction and signal division of CNC machine tools, printing machinery, etc. CNC machine tools: vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, gantry machining center and other CNC equipment, novel in shape, convenient to move, anti-interference, strong load capacity; high insulation strength, oil-proof seal design; output 100 or 25 per revolution A square wave pulse, with X1, X10, X100 three gears of magnification, can complete 6-axis magnification switching; with control switch, emergency stop switch optional, humane design, easy to operate.

 . When the handwheel rotates, the encoder generates a signal corresponding to the movement of the handwheel. The coordinates are selected by the numerical control system and the coordinates are positioned.


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