The principle and application of draw-wire positon sensor

The draw-wire position sensor is also called the cable sensor, the linear displacement sensor, the electronic ruler of the cable, the cable box, and the encoder of the cable. The draw-wire position sensor is a delicate structure of the linear displacement sensor. It fully combines the advantages of the angle sensor and the linear displacement sensor to become a sensor with small installation size, compact structure, large measurement stroke and high accuracy. ——CALT’s draw-wire position sensor is just like this.

Working principle and common parameters

The function of the draw-wire position sensor is to convert the mechanical motion into an electrical signal that can be measured, recorded or transmitted. The CALT displacement sensor consists of a stretchable stainless steel rope wound on a threaded hub. The hub is connected to a precision rotation sensor. The sensor can be an incremental encoder, an absolute encoder, a hybrid or conductive plastic rotation Potentiometer.

In operation, the draw-wire position sensor is installed in a fixed position, and the rope is tied to the moving object. The linear movement of the draw string is aligned with the axis of movement of the moving object. When movement occurs, the drawstring stretches and contracts, an internal spring keeps the tension of the drawstring constant. The threaded hub drives the precision rotation sensor to rotate. Output an electrical signal proportional to the distance of the drawstring. Measuring the output signal can get the displacement, direction or speed of the moving object.

Common parameters include measuring stroke, output signal mode, linearity, maximum reciprocating speed, wire diameter specification, working tension, working temperature, weight, service life, protection level, etc.

Draw-wire position sensor application

The draw-wire position sensor particularly suitable for linear guide systems, hydraulic cylinder systems, and testing machines. Telescopic system, storage location positioning, pressure machinery, paper making machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, printing machinery, level controller, construction machinery and other related size measurement and position control, especially suitable for the control of hydraulic cylinders. It can completely replace the grating ruler, and can be customized for other applications, which can completely realize low-cost and high-precision measurement.


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