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Baumer encoders as the top 10 famous brand encoder, it has very good performance in many machines controlling. Many machine suppliers like to use the Baumer encoder in their devices. But generally it needs a long lead time and very high cost when you need a new original Baumer encoder to replace the old one or as spare parts. It troubles very much to the final users.
One of our client also met same problem before. They need a new Baumer BHG 16.05A100-E2-5 to replace the old one to let their production machine running again. But it needs about 2-3 monthes lead time, it’s too long for our client to accept it. Then they asked us for help. We analyzed the BHG 16.05A1000-E3-5 specification, 5Vdc complementary output, 1000ppr resolution, 12mm through shaft type,special frange, IP65 grade, 2m radial cable. It’s similiar to our GHH58 model encoder, only the flange is a little difference the original BHG model, our clamping flange is at the top of the encoder, the original model is at bottom, and our model is IP54 protective grade. In order to meet the customer’s assembly conditions, we customize flanges of the same size. Customers do not need to make any changes, they can directly replace them.
So far, customers have successively purchased 3 batches of GHH58 series encoders, and the product performance has been praised by customers.


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