Shanghai Tower Steel Platform Hydraulic synchronous jacking system

Project instruction:

A total of 635 meters, 127-storey Shanghai Tower is located in Shanghai’s Pudong Lujiazui financial center area. The core tube of the casting from the standard layer 5 layer, the use of steel platform construction, the construction platform from the 5th layer has been raised to 127 layers. Steel platform overall height of 23.35 meters, a total of 5 layers.

Application of technical features:

    The core cylinder weight 1350T, the hydraulic system needs to solve the synchronization of the entire steel platform upgrade. Roof system is divided into eight districts (9 Palace grid), jacking operation with the construction of the template system at the same time the rise, the rise speed of not less than 150mm / min, jacking synchronization accuracy of not less than 2.5mm.

Hydraulically synchronized jacking technology provides the perfect solution for this project. In order to achieve higher safety, efficiency, level of control and accuracy, the jacking system integrates multi-function manifolds, displacement and pressure data collection and control system. The system consists of a set of central control system, 36 3.2 meters stroke of the lifting cylinder distribution in the 8 sets of power units controlled by the eight districts. Through the PLC real-time monitoring, the system for effective troubleshooting and correction.

Equipment components:

8 sets of power units, 36-point jacking synchronous control system;

36 sets of CWP-S1000A series of draw-wire position sensor come from CALTSENSEOR 36 sets of 3.2 meters long stroke cylinder;

36 points synchronization jack up PLC control system

Synchronous hydraulic jacking system diagram:


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