Spring Steel Couplings CH9402 Series

  • Shaft diameter d1 = 6, 8, 10mm, d2 = 6, 8, 10mm
  • Universally suitable for backlash-free,rotation transmission
  • Highly vibration-isolating
  • Well misalignment compensation
  • Low torsion spring stiffness
  • Small reset forces
  • No movable parts
  • Very rugged construction


The elastic coupling is a component that connects the measured moving shaft and the encoder shaft together, and has a certain degree of flexibility. The main features are: good rigidity against torsion, small shaft misalignment, and can absorb slight axial movement of the shaft.

Technical data

Ambient conditions
Operating temperature -30 … 120 °C (-22 … 248 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Shaft diameter
Spring spring steel, nickel plated
End piece Diecast zinc
Mass 28 g
Rotational speed max. 3000 min
Max. torque 0.5 Nm
Radial offset max. ± 1 mm
Axial offset max. ± 1 mm
Angle error max. ± 5 °
Torsion angle at torque 0.25 Nm drive shaft view
CW rotation direction 50 °
CCW rotation direction 70 °
Moment of inertia 10 kg m 2 x 10 -7
Mounting clamp screws M4 x 4, DIN 916
Tightening torque of clamping srews max. 1.5 Nm


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