RS422 Output Single-turn Absolute Encoder CAS60 Series

  • Customized RS422 protocol, single-turn absolute encoder
  • Multiple resolutions are available, such as 12-bit, 14-bit, 16-bit, etc.
  • 60mm outer diameter, Clamping flange, servo flange or blind hollow shaft, the international standard structure
  • A “magnetic detection mode”, with excellent impact and vibration resistance
  • Programmable, intelligent absolute value encoder; professional setting software, convenient for user operation
  • Wide operating voltage, low current consumption
  • External reset wire to set the default location, easy installation, no need to find ZERO.


Mechanical spec.

Electrical spec.

Max. speed

2400 RPM

Power supply

10-30Vdc (5Vdc optional)

Shaft load

Axial 40N, radial 100N

Current consumption

< 50mA (24Vdc)no-load


1000m/s²(6ms),about 100g


12-bit RS422 free communication protocol


200m/s²(10-2000Hz) about 20g



Allow axial jump




Allow radial jump





60mm outer diameter, solid shaft, or hollow shaft

Operating temp.


Connection Type

6-core shielded cable or aviation connector

Storage temp.



signal Vcc GND  RXD+  RXD- T/R+ T/R- Reset Permit
Color Brown white Green Yellow Pink Blace Gray Blue
Note: 1. How to use Programming-permit-line (Blue) When setting the mode: the blue wire of the encoder and the brown wire are connected to the positive power+ together. At this time, the communication rate of the encoder is fixed at 19200bps. Non-setting mode: In normal operation, it is recommended to connect the blue wire and the white wire together to the power ground.
  1. How to use reset line (gray)
When the reset line (gray) connected to power+ for more than 1 second, the current data of the encoder becomes the reset value (the reset value of the encoder can be set arbitrarily) The encoder can also be set by using the instruction (for specific instructions, refer instance 2)

Custom RS422 communication protocol description:

Baud Rate: 4800bps 9600bps 19200bps 38400bps 115200bps.
Frame format: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control.
The parameter of encoders is set by software instruction.
When the encoder is in active mode, that is the encoder automatically sends data to the host. Data length
is 16 hexadecimal ASCII code format is: XAB> ± DATA ↙, as follow:
Wherein, “X” is the leading letters,”>” is delimiters, “±” is the sign bit; “DATA” is the data, ASCII format, 10,
from 0 to 9 constitute the range of -9,999,999,999 ~ +9,999,999,999. “↙” is carriage return (0D).


1: Read data:

Host send: D + address + 0D

Encoder reply: X + address +> + match bit + data bit + 0D


Host send: 44 30 31 0D (when the encoder address is 01)

     Encoder back: 58 30 31 3E 2B 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 31 32 33 0D

2: Encoder reset command:

  Host send: D + address + L + M + sum check + 0D

Encoder reply: X + address + l + m + sum check + 0D


Host send: 44 30 31 4C 4D sum check 0D (when the encoder address is 01)

      Encoder reply: 58 30 31 6C 4D sum check 0D (reset current position)


Installation dimensions (mm)

Clamping & synchro flange(default)

synchro flange

Blind hollow shaft

Featured software

By the professional PC setting software provided by CALTSENSOR, you can easily modify the counting direction, working mode, address, baud rate, resolution, and reference bit of the encoder;  and Observe the current encoder data in real time.

If needed, please click this button to download the associated software.

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