Profibus-DP Absolute Rotary Encoder OCD Series

  •  Compact and Heavy-Duty Industrial Model
  •  Interface: Profibus-DP
  •  DPV2-Functionality
  • Housing: 58 mm
  • Full or Hub Shaft: 6 or 10 mm / 15 mm
  • Max. 65536 Steps per Revolution (16 Bit)
  • Max. 16384 Revolutions (14 Bit)
  • Code: Binary


Electrical Data
Interface Line-driver According to RS 485,
Galvanically Isolated by Opto-Couplers
Transmission rate max. 12 MBaud
Device addressing Adjustable by Rotary Switches in Connection Cap
Supply voltage 10 – 30 V DC Absolute Limits) *
Current consumption max. 230 mA with 10 V DC, max. 100 mA with 24 V DC
Power consumption max. 2.5 Watts
Step frequency LSB 800 kHz
Accuracy of division ½ LSB (12 Bit), ± 2 LSB (16 Bit)
Electrical lifetime > 10 5 h
* Supply voltage according to EN 50 178 (safety extra-low voltage)


Ordering description

Installation dimensions (mm)

Synchro flange

Clamp flange 

Hub shaft


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