Metal anti-skid wheel encoder wheel E6B2 OVW2 series

  • Wheel circumference (mm): 200, 250, 300
  • Wheel diameter (mm): 1ø63.8-95.7, 2ø56-88
  • Application: Rotary encoder
  • Material: high quality aluminum alloy
  • Product name: Metal anti-skid wheel encoder wheel E6B2 OVW2 series
  • customizable

The shaft sleeve made of high-quality aluminum alloy metal material is durable and reliable,
It has the characteristics of light weight, wear resistance and strong adhesion to the gear surface. Effectively ensure the accuracy of the long-term use of the counter.
Rice wheel: circumference 200mm, diameter ≈ 63.7mm
Circumference 250mm, diameter ≈ 78.9mm
Circumference 300mm, diameter ≈ 95.5mm
The coded wheel can also be used with a single wheel, with a diameter of 6mm and 8mm and 10mm optional
For example: option 200mm6, means the wheel circumference is 200mm and the hole is 6mm.
Other sizes can be customized
Metal anti-skid wheel parameters
High quality metal wear wheels 200 250 300mm circumference for encoder counter


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