Load Cell Amplifiers DY094 series

  • Power consumption: <3W
  • Communication: RS485 and RS232
  • DC voltage: 24V
  • Product Name: Load Cell Amplifiers DY094 series
  • Customized on request

functional characteristics  

  • Plug-in card data acquisition module, including a motherboard and 1-3 acquisition modules, 3 input channels for each acquisition module。
  • The built-in software filtering of the analog input signal. Acquisition speed adjustable, controlled by hardware, default 80 times / s。
  • Multiple zero-clearing methods。
  • Digital calibration can be performed by serial port sending command and weight calibration。
  • Electric electric self-calibration。
  • Dual serial port mode, execute modbus-RTU and custom active protocol。
  • Fast parameter modification and each channel calibration with our handheld instrument D900。


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