Hall incremental rotary encoder HPE38 series

  • Resolution: 3 2 – 1 0 2 4 P/R
  • Shell diameter: 38mm
  • Shaft allowable load: radial 30 N, axial 30 N
  • Shock resistance: 100 g (6 m S)
  • Material: aluminum alloy, anodized
  • Product Name: Hall Incremental Rotary Encoder HP E 3 8 Series
  • Can be customized on request

Key Features

  • Non-contact transducing technology
  • Resolution 32~512P/R
  • Power supply 24V
  • Unitary structure design, high strength
  • Environment and vibration resistant, high protection grade
  • Built-in two sets of ball bearings, suitable for industrial environment


Electrical spec.

Mechanical spec.

Overall Dimension Diagram


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