Hall incremental rotary encoder HPE28 series

  • Resolution: 3 2 -1 0 2 4 P/R
  • Shell diameter: 28mm
  • Shaft allowable load: radial 20N, axial 20N
  • Shock resistance: 100 g (6 m S)
  • Material: aluminum alloy, anodized
  • Product Name: Hall Incremental Rotary Encoder HP E 2 8 Series
  • Can be customized on request


● Non-contact sensing technology
● Resolution 32~1024P/R
● Power supply voltage 3.3V or 5V
● Integrated aluminum alloy structure of body and shell, high strength
● Environmental resistance, vibration resistance, high protection level
● Compact structure, small size, the diameter of the shell is only 28mm
● Built-in two sets of ball bearings, suitable for industrial environment


1 Series code: HPE stands for Hall incremental rotary encoder;
2 Shell outer diameter: 28 means shell outer diameter Φ28mm;
3 Output interface: U is voltage output type;
4 Power supply voltage: 3.3V means DC3.3V, 5V means DC5V;
5 Number of pulses per revolution: 32, 64, 128, 256, 1024 for AB quadrature mode; 64, 128, 256, 512 for PD pulse direction mode;
6 Output mode: B is AB quadrature mode, D is PD pulse with direction signal mode;
7 Cable length: 1 means the special length is 1m, and the standard length is 0.5m.


Electrical spec.

Power Supply Vc

Current Consumption




Shield Wire Length



at no load

AB quadrature mode

or pulsed PD mode with direction signal ≤10000 rpm

≤10000 rpm

voltage output 2mA

Standard 0.5m



Voltage output 4mA


Mechanical spec.


Starting Torque

Rotor Inertia

Housing Material

Shaft Allowable Load

Allowable Speed

2 groups of sealed ball bearings



Aluminum alloy, anodized

Radial 20N, Axial 20N

3600rpm (mechanical withstand)


Environmental conditions

Operating ambient temperature

Storage ambient temperature

Protection class

Vibration resistance

Shock resistance



Housing IP65, Bearing IP55



Output waveform

Interface Circuit

Note 1: CMOS output circuit, the maximum output current is 4mA when working with 5V voltage, and the maximum output current is 2mA when working with 3V voltage.
Note 2: For long-distance transmission, a resistor of about 51K can be connected in parallel to the input end of the secondary instrument to improve the anti-interference performance.
Note 3: In PD pulse with direction signal output mode, there is no Z signal.

Wiring Definition



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