Force measuring system DYN-200 series

  • The software is suitable for win 7 sp 1 update and above systems, and win10 system is recommended
  • Please exit 360 Security Guard and other software before installation, otherwise the installation may fail
  • There are three pages in this software, which are the acquisition data page, the historical data page, and the configuration page.
  • The data collection page is the interface displayed during the test, which can display the real-time torque, speed, power and the waveform information of the latest 1000 data, and can also display the peak value of this test
  • The historical data page can export historical waveforms, perform simple analysis on waveforms, generate pictures, and export excel files
  • The configuration page can configure the serial port, and the instrument can only be connected after the configuration is completed. And can modify information such as power, torque unit, range of three parameters, range of torque and speed.
  • Torque sensor measurement software DYN-200 series

Torque Test


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