Economic RS485 Output Single-turn Absolute Encoder EAS38 Series

  • Customized RS485 protocol, single-turn absolute encoder
  • Multiple resolutions are available, such as 12-bit, 14-bit, 16-bit, etc.
  • 38mm outer diameter, Clamping flange, servo flange or blind hollow shaft, the international standard structure
  • A “magnetic detection mode”, with excellent impact and vibration resistance
  • Programmable, intelligent absolute value encoder; professional setting software, convenient for user operation
  • Wide operating voltage, low current consumption
  • External reset wire to set the default location, easy installation, no need to find ZERO.


Operating Voltage

18-26Vdc  or 5V optional, polarity protection

Current Consumption

< 110mA   (24V power supply)  no load

Output Signal

RS485, you can set the length, angle, speed application output

Output load capacity

≤ 400 ohms, the standard 200-250 Ohm work


12 bits to 16 bits

Operating Temperature

-20—75℃     Programming temperature range:0℃~+70℃

Storage Temperature


Protection class

IP67 for housing      IP65 for shaft

Vibration & shock


Permissible Rotation Rate


Output refresh cycle


Connection Cable

1m 8-core shielded cable.

Overall Feature

Clamping flange or synchronous flange, metal enclosure, sealed dual-bearing structure ( see attached drawing of overall dimension)

Signal Conditioning

direction can be set; preset position, external set, such as external zero


Read data
Host send: D + address + 0D
Encoder reply: X + address +> + match bit + data bit + 0D
Host send: 44 30 31 0D (when the encoder address is 01)
Encoder back: 58 30 31 3E 2B 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 31 32 33 0D
Encoder reset command:
Host send: D + address + L + M + sum check + 0D
Encoder reply: X + address + l + m + sum check + 0D
Host send: 44 30 31 4C 4D sum check 0D (when the encoder address is 01)
Encoder reply: 58 30 31 6C 4D sum check 0D (reset current position)

Installation dimensions (mm)

Clamping (default)

synchro flange

Blind hollow shaft

Featured software

By the professional PC setting software provided by CALTSENSOR, you can easily modify the counting direction, working mode, address, baud rate, resolution, and reference bit of the encoder;  and Observe the current encoder data in real time.

If needed, please click this button to download the associated software.

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