Digital weighing indicator LC800 series

  • Measurement accuracy: better than 0.1%
  • Measurement speed: 5-200Hz, temperature drift less than 10ppm
  • Transmitter output: 0~10V or 4~20mA
  • Supply voltage: 10-30VDC
  • Communication speed: 2400~115200
  • Node drive capability: 3A/250VAC or 30VDC (resistive load)
  • Product name: Digital weighing indicator LC800 series
  • Can be customized on request
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External Dimension

Front panel and display description

Parameters Table

Supply voltage
Measurement accuracy
better than 0.1%
Measuring speed
5-200Hz temperature drift is less than 10ppm
Display graduation
Transmit output
0~10V or 4~20Ma
communication rate
Switch output
6 relays
Switch input
2 way entry
Node drive capability
3A/250VAC or 30VDC (resistive load)
Supply voltage
working environment
-20~70°C, Relative humidity <90% (no condensation)


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