Angular Position Sensor WDH35 series

  • Resolution: 4096 bits (12 bits)
  • Independent linearity: 0.3%
  • Electrical angle: 360°
  • Load resistance: > 10 KΩ
  • Mass: 60g
  • Shaft: stainless steel
  • Product name: Absolute value digital encoder
  • WDH35 series
  • Can be customized on request


    This series of products can provide any angle within 20°~360°. In the non-effective corner area, it can be maintained at high position, low position, both ends, or the angle specified by the customer for high and low positions. The standard output is 0~100%; the voltage signal of any output range can be provided according to customer requirements, such as output 10~90%, etc. 3 to 6 horizontal or rising output sections can be set according to customer requirements. The standard is clockwise signal output, and it can also be set to counterclockwise signal output. Can realize special wide voltage 9~30V, 4~20Ma/0~20mA output; PWM output, etc. With stop position (345°), special mechanical corners such as 270°180°90° can be provided; it can also be specified by customers. Light torque products less than 0.5mN·m or high torque products less than 30mN·m can be provided. Special protection grade products above IP54 can be provided.

General Specifications

Mechanical Travel


Life Expectancy

Infinity(in theory)

Operating Temperature Range



About 60g

Deposited Temperature Range



Aluminium, anodization in surface

Protection Degree



Stainless Steel

Starting Torque



2 precision ball bearings

Electrical spec.

Effective Electrical Angle


Independent Linearity Tolerance

Standard: 0.3%; Precision: 0.2%; Super precision: 0.15%

Resolution Ratio


Update Rate

0.6ms/0.2ms(high speed)

Supply Voltage





Signal Output





Supply Current(MAX)





End Voltage





Output Load Resistance





Special Specifications Available


Special Electrical Angle

Available for any special electrical angel in 20°~360°. High level, low level or variable level could be chosen at non-effective angle.

Special Output Range

The standard output is 0~100%; Available for any range of output at 10%~90% etc.

Multipoint Programming

Available to set 3~6 rising or horizontal segment according to customers’ requirement.

Signal Output Direction

Available for clockwise and anti-clockwise output.

Other Special Signal

Available for 0~20mA, 0~5V(supply voltage 15~30V), PMW and SSI, incremental signal.


Special Shaft

Available for special shaft length, special shaft diameter and special matching on the shaft.

Special mechanical Travel

With a stopper for mechanical angle 345°, also available for special machining on the shaft as 270°, 180°,90° etc.

Special Torque

Available for special torque (starting torque less than 0.5 m N·m or less than 30 m N·m)

Protection Degrees

Protection Degree: Available for IP54 ,Max. IP67



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