Load Cells

What is a Load Cell Amplifier and how Does it Work?

A load cell amplifier is a device that can increase the strength of signals coming from a load cell. Sometimes, the signals produced by the load cell can be feeble and low strength signals may not work with certain components of the measuring system like a data logger for load cells or load meter. The load cell amplifier resolves this issue by taking the signal and then amplifying it, resulting in a higher strength output signal. Load cell amplifiers can work as a standalone device or it is present in most signal-conditioning modules. We have model JY-S60, JY-S85 and other types of amplifiers for selection. The signals produced by a load cell will be mostly in

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What is a tension sensor?

The tension sensor is an instrument used to measure the tension value of the coil during the tension control process. The tension sensor is suitable

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