How to set the display inch, involving string pot CESI-S1000P and indicator HB961

The draw wire encoder you used is CESI-S1000P from CALT sensor, The resolution of CESI-S1000P is 0.1mm/pulse, that is 0.003937 inch per pulse, You can process the program according to such arithmetic logic. 

Here we take our general HB961 indicator as an example. Refer to the accessory manual, The resolution of the cable encoder=A/(b*dot), that is, 1/(1*10)=0.1mm/pulse. If you want to convert to inch display, then by setting A=3937, b=10000, dot=—-.–, or A=3937, b=1000, dot=—.— , you can display in inches on the indicator.

In addition, the up button of HB961 has the function of resetting. Move the draw-wire encoder to the position you want, and then press the up key, the value displayed at the current position is ZERO.



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