How to apply ES38 NPN output rotary encoder to MCU

The ES38 series rotary encoder produced by CALT sensor has a variety of outputs to choose from: NPN (8-24V power supply), PNP (8-24V power supply), Voltage (5V power supply) .

Usually we recommend that customers purchase voltage output encoders directly if they are used in single-chip microcomputers, but what if you accidentally purchase the wrong output?

Don’t worry, you can easily convert NPN output (8-24V power supply) into NPN (5V power supply) with just two steps.

  1. Disassemble the encoder shell
  2. Connect the red wire to a pin of component 78M05

Finally it becomes a 5V NPN output encoder , and then can be used to the microcontroller or arduino


We have a customer in Brazil who wants to construct a force feedback steering wheel with an encoder and SMT32. According to the instructions, an E6B2-CWZ6C is needed. In order to save costs, he bought our economical ES38 NPN encoder. But he didn’t notice that the power supply voltage was 8-24V, so the encoder didn’t work, and the first attempt failed.

Later, after communicating with our technicians, the encoder was successfully transformed into a 5V power supply, the encoder worked, and his experiment was also successful!


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