High protection grade encoder housing design comes from CALTSENSOR

All-metal screwless sealing grade: This sealing technology does not use screws to fasten the outside of the encoder, but a one-time shell squeeze seal, which can ensure that the protection grade of the encoder shell reaches IP67. Especially the outer circle part of the encoder housing does not use three or four screws, which avoids the sealing performance degradation caused by the slight deformation of the housing caused by the tightening of the screws. The encoder meets the IP67 protection standard, realizing high-grade industrial protection standards for dust and water protection without obstructions. This kind of sealing protection prevents the intrusion of breathable moisture due to the power supply of the encoder and the stop of the power supply. In the case of large temperature differences in the vast area of China, the encoder is switched on and off due to the insufficient sealing level of the encoder. The intrusion of breathable moisture due to the temperature difference is one of the main reasons for the damage of most encoders due to the reduced working life. The fully sealed housing can reach IP67, avoiding the intrusion of temperature difference and breathability. The screwless sealing technology of the housing and the protection level of IP67 are also a must for high-quality encoders.

A high-quality mark with a very low repair rate: the encoder shell is not fastened with screws, but the shell is squeezed and sealed once and cannot be disassembled. This brings great inconvenience to the maintenance of the encoder manufacturer, which requires the encoder to The quality must meet extremely high requirements, and the repair rate must be very low. With such a high quality and low repair rate, it can be determined that there is no need to consider repairs, and the encoder shell has no screw one-time extrusion sealing technology. Various types of absolute value encoders from CALTSENSOR adopt such a housing design scheme, which is fully applicable to high-industrial applications. Similarly, this kind of shell is screw-less and one-time sealed, which is also a high-quality mark of the world’s first-class brand encoders. There are no screws on the shells of the first-class German brand encoders. If the shell is fastened with screws, it is generally economical and can only be used on a single machine, and has a short lifespan.


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