Customized Loadcells Used In Sheet Metal Brake System

Company H is an American company that produces sheet metal brakes. It needs load cells to measure and control force during use. The customer originally used an American-made S-type load cell with excellent accuracy, but the installation form was not suitable for this equipment, and it was expensive.

We carefully analyzed the parameters of the original load cell and the basic structure of the customer’s equipment. Customized a spoke-type load cell DYLF-102D 5000KLB for customer. Structurally, it is more in line with the customer’s assembly requirement. The sensitivity is 3.0mV/V, the accuracy level is C3, and the unit is measured in pounds, which is in line with customers’ habits. And the price is only 1/2 of the original price. In addition, our special outlet protective cover (stainless steel spring) for the load cell effectively protects the cable from being easily damaged during handling or use. This is a surprise to the customer.


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