Customized Load Cell For Breeding Ingredient System

Company G is a Canadian company that provides intelligent equipment for poultry breeding companies. Its digital silo distribution system can monitor and control the feeding of feed in real time. We have an in-depth understanding of customer needs and customized an S-type load cell: designed according to the British thread standard design drawings, non-linear accuracy 0.02%, creep 0.02% FS/30min, temperature drift 0.003% FS/ C, stainless steel spring Cable sheath, 10 NM nickel-plated surface, IP66 protection level, 5.5m signal cable. In addition, the SGS laboratory is also entrusted to issue a test report.

Compared with the conventional load cell, the structure fully meets the actual needs of customers, and the accuracy is higher. Anti-greasy, anti-corrosion, longer life and excellent performance in harsh working environment. Custom length cables, customers do not need additional wiring, can be used directly to avoid signal attenuation.


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