Customized Hall Angle Sensor P3022

Company F is a Ukrainian company engaged in intelligent simulation seats. It needs angle sensors to control the steering angle and positioning. Previously, most of the potentiometers were used to achieve measurement control, but due to the limitations of the potentiometers, the accuracy was relatively low, and the accuracy of long-term use was reduced, and it was necessary to weld additional cables by yourself. According to the customer’s needs, we specially customized a P3022D series Hall angle sensor for the customer. The internal 12-bit Hall chip and magnetic core are non-contact, low damping, long life, and the accuracy is effectively guaranteed. In addition, the customized output angle is clockwise 0-90° corresponding to the standard analog signal 0-5V output, which is convenient for data processing; the shaft diameter is 1/4 inch, which conforms to the habits of European and American countries; SMD connector, customers can easily connect cables. The caring service has been praised by customers, and the good cooperative relationship has continued to the present!


  • Small size
  • Low accuracy
  • Easily damaged
  • Need to solder the wires yourself

Conventional Hall sensor

  • Small size
  • High precision
  • Non-contact, long life
  • 6mm shaft
  • Need to solder the wires yourself

Customized Hall sensor

  • Small size
  • High precision
  • long life
  • Customize the output signal as required
  • 1/4 inch shaft diameter
  • SMD connector


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