Customized encoder module for computer embroidery machine

Company A is a professional computerized embroidery machine manufacturer in the United States. The product has built-in micro-motor and requires a matching rotary encoder to position and adjust the speed. Due to the high integration of the product and the limited internal space, there are strict regulations on the size of each component. At the same time, a friendly connector is needed to facilitate assembly.

Conventional encoder module PD30 series, although the size is small and easy to install, but there is no connector, and the conventional plug for such a compact structure, the size is also a bit large. On the basis of full communication with customers, we successfully grafted the 3.5mm audio connector to the encoder module, and specially designed a matching circuit board and housing for this purpose. Customer repairing the circuit is as simple as plugging in or unplugging a headset. Because it is tailor-made based on customer equipment, customers do not need to make unnecessary modifications when assembling equipment, and can be used directly, which not only improves efficiency, but also reduces failures caused by improper assembly.

The perfect solution has been recognized and praised by customers. The good cooperative relationship has been maintained for many years and I believe it will continue…


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