Cross information of ITD 20A 4Y129400HBXK1.7E and GHH58 encoder

We are a professional encoder supplier, with more than ten years of experience in the industry, and have a good reputation. We have a professional team and mature products, which can replace some well-known brand encoders, such as Telham’s encoder — ITD 20A 4Y 129 400 HBXK1.7E, because manufacturers no longer produce this model one after another, it may be difficult for you to buy what you want, but don’t worry, our CALT GHH58-14G400BMK526 can meet your needs.

The main parameters of ITD 20A 4Y 129 400 HBXK1.7E: 58mm outer diameter, 14mm full through hole, 400PPR, A A/ B B/ Z Z/ 6 signal outputs

We recommend the model GHH58-14G400BMK526, which has the same electrical parameters and is customized according to the size of the original encoder. So that customers can directly assemble and use without any changes..

Meanwhile, our delivery time is only 5-7 days, MOQ is 1 piece. We have successfully completed an order, you can use it as a reference.



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