Application of draw wire position sensor

CALT draw wire position sensor is a conventional displacement sensor for measuring distance. It can be used to measure physical quantities such as length measurement, distance measurement, hydraulic cylinder measurement, measurement speed, etc. The draw wire encoder has high measurement accuracy, long distance measurement stroke and long service life. It has been widely used in many industries. Today, CALT SENSOR will introduce to you what are the application areas of draw-wire encoders, which can help you choose to buy draw-wire positon sensor in the future.

  1. Measuring distance: The encoder is widely used in the construction industry, such as long-distance measurement,
  2. Reservoir dam measurement: In the normal monitoring of the reservoir dam, draw wire encoder is indispensable, because the prevention of natural disasters is a major issue. The draw wire encoder can play an important role in the measurement of reservoirs and dams.
  3. Hydraulic cylinder measurement: The draw-wire position sensor plays a vital role in the stroke and control of the cylinder piston, such as used in hydraulic universal testing machines. It can accurately control the displacement and speed of the oil cylinder to achieve precise measurement results.
  4. Application of elevator working platform: The rope-type displacement encoder mainly plays the work of measuring the distance in the elevator, and it will automatically stop and record the distance when it reaches the set position.
  5. Application of storage equipment: With the continuous progress of automation, storage equipment is also constantly updated, gradually entering the era of intelligence, and the measurement of the control system requires position sensors.
  6. Control of water conservancy gates: In the opening and closing control system of water conservancy gates, draw-wire position sensors are indispensable. Now with the continuous advancement of technology, water draw-wire position sensors are gradually realized.

The draw-wire position sensor has a wide range of applications. Because of its high measurement accuracy and relatively long service life, it has gradually replaced the conventional electronic ruler and manual measurement, and has been used by many enterprises, production lines, mechanical equipment, etc.


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