Absolute encoder with high response speed

Russian customer C needs to purchase an economical single-turn absolute encoder to measure angular position. The functional requirements are very simple, but the encoder needs to have a high response speed. We recommend the company’s hot-selling product EAS38 series single-turn absolute encoder, the encoder supports RS485 free protocol output, this protocol uses 16-bit hexadecimal ASCII code, supports active data transmission and passive data transmission, without check digit , The data transmission cycle is about 10ms (in active mode).


Host send: 44 30 31 0D (when the encoder address is 01)

Encoder back: 58 30 31 3E 2B 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 31 32 33 0D

On the basis of fully understanding customer needs, we modified the communication protocol format to a data length of 6-bits and added a check bit. According to this communication format, the encoder response time period can be controlled within 2ms, which fully meets customer requirement.


Host send: DD 01 0D (when the encoder address is 01)

Encoder back: AA 54 01 03 23 25



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