About the application analysis of the draw-wire position encoder in logistics and engineering vehicles

he Draw wire position sensor is composed of a cable box and an encoder. The encoder calculates the number of revolutions of the measuring drum proportional to the measured length and outputs it. This can measure the position information of the linear measurement path. CALT draw wire position encoder has multiple interfaces, which are analog output, RS485 communication, SSI interface, TTL interface, RS422 communication, Push-pull/HTL, NPN OC, MODBUS-RTU, etc.

Draw wire position encoder is also called displacement sensor, draw rope electronic ruler, draw rope encoder. The rope displacement sensor is an exquisite structure of the linear displacement sensor. It fully combines the advantages of the angle sensor and the linear displacement sensor to become a sensor with small installation size, compact structure, large measurement stroke, and high accuracy. It ranges from millimeters to tens of meters. Common parameters include measurement stroke, output signal mode, linearity, repeatability, resolution, wire diameter specification, outlet tension, maximum round-trip speed, weight, input resistance value, power, working voltage, working temperature, vibration, protection level, etc. .

The CALT Draw-wire position encoder has a compact structure and a long measuring length. Compared with other measuring methods, the installation is extremely simple. Whether used as OEM equipment or used for equipment retrofitting, wire-pulling encoders are the ideal choice to ensure convenient and accurate linear motion measurement. The characteristics of CALT pull-wire encoder products allow it to be used in many occasions. Below, CALT mainly introduces several types of typical applications.

  1. Logistics

The high dynamic measurement of the CALT draw-wire position encoder supports the optimal speed process. Although the installation space in the logistics machinery is very limited, the draw-wire encoder can still be easily installed.

Examples: height measurement of forklifts and automatic guided pallet trucks; position measurement of stackers. For the drivers of narrow aisle forklift trucks with a fixed cab, the overhead access to the warehouse is often beyond the scope of vision. The driver assistance system displays the fork position and cargo status to the driver. The draw-wire position encoder accurately positions the lifting fork, and its highly flexible cable ensures long-term maintenance-free operation. The laser diffuse reflection photoelectric sensor installed on the back of the pallet sends signals through two switch points to inform whether there is any goods and whether the goods are safely located on the pallet.

  1. Engineering vehicles

CALT draw-wire position encoder supports analog output and SSI interface, which is the best choice for engineering vehicle applications. If you need more diagnostic functions, you can also use a heavy-duty waterproof draw-wire position encoder. Its excellent temperature stability (as low as  -40°C) and pulley attachments can ensure reliable measurement operations.

Examples: outrigger positioning; telescopic boom positioning. The draw-wire position encoder used to locate the support and the boom on the mobile crane, the position collection of the protruding feet and the collection of the position of the boom and the crane boom are part of the function to limit the load moment on the mobile crane. Based on the long and narrow structure shape, the draw-wire position encoder in the CALT product series are ideal for positioning bearings.

Rope displacement sensors are particularly suitable for linear guide systems, hydraulic cylinder systems, testing machines, telescopic systems (forklifts, presses, elevators, pipe benders, bending machines, etc.), cranes or cable winches, reservoir dam protection systems, gate openings Degree control system, testing machine pressure machinery, hydraulic universal experimental machinery, storage location positioning, pressure machinery, paper making machinery, textile machinery, sheet metal machinery, packaging machinery, printing machinery, level control instrument, construction machinery, level control instrument, construction machinery , Industrial robots, injection machines, woodworking machinery, elevators, air compressors/hydraulic machines, height machines, XY axis and other length displacements and other related size measurement and position control, especially suitable for the control of electro-hydraulic servo hydraulic universal testing machines. It can completely replace the grating ruler, and can be customized for other applications, which can completely realize low-cost and high-precision measurement.


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